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SGS Nederland B.V.

Malledijk 18, 3208 LA Spijkenisse
P.O. Box 200, 3200 AE Spijkenisse
phone: +31 181 69 33 33
fax: +31 181 62 35 66


The SGS Netherlands Group is a group whose mission consists of monitoring and improving the quality of goods, products, services and systems, as well as the environment. The main area of activity is the inspection and control of the quality and quantity of goods and products including sampling and analysis. Other activities, such as consultancy and certification are closely related.


The Dutch holding company SGS Nederland Holding B.V. is a fully-owned subsidiary of the in Geneva based SGS S.A.
Represented in more than 140 countries and employing over 75.000 employees at 1.500 branch offices, SGS is the world's largest independent organization in the field of inspection, testing, verification and certification.

The SGS Group is the clear global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity.

The SGS Group is a leading force in verification and monitoring services for international trade in agriculture, minerals, petroleum and consumer products together with certification and other services to governments and international institutions. SGS also offers strategic services to the industrial, environment, non-destructive testing, project resourcing, logistics and hygiene sectors.

The traditional services, which were originally confined to quality and quantity inspections of grain shipments, have become tremendously diversified in the course of this century. Today SGS provides its clients with a broad range of services, including the inspection, testing, sampling and analysis of goods and products as well as storage, distribution and consultancy in the context of international trade and for public companies and governmental bodies.

Accreditations - certificates
Clearly, an organization dedicated to inspecting and monitoring quality of third parties can be expected to give high priority to its own internal quality. The SGS Netherlands Group, therefore, makes every effort to acquire all forms of approval and certification relevant to its field of operation. In other words, every individual component of the Group is committed to continuously improving the level of service and safeguarding optimum quality through the implementation of management systems. The Group currently holds amongs others the following accreditations and certificates amongst others: ISO 9001, ISO 17025 (STERLAB en NKO), EN 45004 (STERIN), EN 45011, EN 45012 en VCA**.


  • Agricultural Services
    Inspection of quality and quantity of agricultural bulk products, edible oils and fats.
  • Minerals Services
    Inspection of Ores, Concentrates, Coal, Coke, Ferro alloys, Metals, Fertilizers, Industrial minerals, Packed chemicals/pharmaceuticals, Recycled products and Vehicles. The Business Unit is also the Marine Technical Center for The Netherlands dealing with Draft Survey, Bunker Survey, Damage Survey, General Condition Survey and On/Off Hire Survey.
  • Consumer Testing Services
    SGS inspection, testing and consultancy capabilities and numerous services linked to the production, marketing and sales of consumer goods are available to enable both suppliers and distributors to comply with safety and quality standards and other regulatory requirements.
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services
    Port-related inspections and checks on behalf of clients involved in the crude oil and petrochemical sectors.
    • Tank & Container
      Inspection and checks on tank containers, railtankcars and intermediate bulk containers. On-line access to inspection reports and digital photos
    • Dangerous Goods
      These activities are focused on national and international transport of dangerous goods by road, sea and air, together with the management, packaging and documentation of samples and small quantities of chemicals.
    • Laboratory
      SGS laboratory services offers a complete range of lab analyses. The services also include advice on laboratory lay-out and design, secondment of analysts, method development and validation, the organization of interlaboratory research, the development of reference materials, literature study and advice on legislation and product requirements.
    • Measurement & Instrumentation
      The M&I division of SGS performs calibration activities in the field of flowmeters, pressure meters, temperature meters and verical cylindrical shore tanks.
  • Industrial Services
    These services include all technical inspections pertaining to ships, general inspections and periodic inspections of cranes and lifting equipment.
    • Non-Destructive testing
      In this market sector testing is carried out concerning the technical quality of materials, installation and appliances, using radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic, infra-red and other non-destructive testing methods.
  • Governments and Institutions Services
    SGS currently assists governments by providing services which include facilitation of customs clearance, correct assessment of import duties and taxes, monitoring of compliance with import regulations and minimisation of capital flight. SGS also provides project monitoring services to help banks and international aid agencies to ensure that funds provided are properly used.
  • Environmental Services
    Activities in the environmental field include laboratory testing and evaluations for air, soil, water, waste.
  • Systems & Services Certification
    Certification of quality-, safety-, environmental and food safety systems according to respectively the standards ISO 9000, ISO 14 001 and HACCP, as well as certification of processes, products and personnel.
  • Consumer Testing Services
  • Environmental Services

SGS Nederland B.V.

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