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Seacon Logistics

FenexMember of the Fenex
Celsiusweg 60, 5928 PR Venlo
P.O. Box 3071, 5902 RB Venlo
phone: +31 77 327 55 55
fax: +31 77 327 55 00



As the supply chain manager, we have centrally located inland terminals, which form an important link between you and your clients. These are tri-modal terminals providing rapid and reliable links between seaports and the European hinterland. This enables us to provide you with precisely the service you require: door-to-door transport and a seamless linkage of services from our own logistical centers. This is the way we create solutions and provide the highest possible added value for your company.


  • Overseas Logistics
    Seacon imports and exports worldwide full load, groupage and project shipments. Thanks to our global network of partners at all significant ports and airports, we are able to direct your overseas commodity flow to and from any destination in the world.

  • Specialized Customs Services
    Our customs department is an essential part of our logistics services. We supervise your customs activities and handle matters such as transit documents, certificates of origin and the clearing of customs goods (using electronic communication). Moreover, Seacon Logistics is a certified Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and we act as a fiscal representative.

  • Warehousing
    Seacon Logistics has strategically located inland terminals. At these strategic locations we have more than 125,000 m2 of warehousing, specially designed to meet the specific situation of our customers, such as the storage of goods in a bonded status. European distribution and customs brokerage are also essential parts of our logistics services.

  • Distribution
    Moreover, we handle FTL, LTL, groupage and project shipments between all important European destinations such as the UK, Scandinavia, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe on a daily basis, using shortsea and intermodal traffic when possible. We contribute our service, quality and flexibility to your organisation.

  • Supply chain solutions
    Innovative logistics concepts are essential for ensuring that goods from any location worldwide can reach your clients rapidly and efficiently. Our control tower concept provides details of your entire transport flow and enables us to respond proactively.


Mr Harold Roodbeen
Manager Inside Sales & Marketing
phone: +31 77-3275539
mobile: +31 6-53368312
Mr Ge Coenen
Manager Export Overseas
phone: +31 77-3275626
mobile: +31 6-51829125
Mr Coen Hanssen
Manager Import Overseas
phone: +31 77-3275601
mobile: +31 6-53156974
Mr Hans Hesen
Manager UK, Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia
phone: +31 77-3275581
mobile: +31 6-22526516
Mr Roger Baur
Manager Operations and Commerce
Southern Europe
phone:+31 45-5656701
mobile: +31 6-51229517
Mr Frank Colemont
Manager Central & Eastern Europe
phone: +31 77-3275751
mobile: +31 6-51528331
Mr Christian Maas
Manager Warehousing & Logistics
phone: +31 77-3275816
mobile: +31 6-51638046

Seacon Logistics

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