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Independent inspection and analysis of dry and liquid cargoes; crude oil, mineral oils, bunker survey on hire/off hire survey, (petro-)chemicals, biofuels, liquefied gases and toxic gases. Special projects per clients request, f.e. water research, pre shipment inspections, insurance assessments, etc.
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Security service in: security guards, mobile surveillance, fire protection, doormen and receptionists, port security, office security, industry security and camera security.
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Securitas is a knowledge leader in security and offers total security solutions for all maritime, industry and manufacturing and logistic businesses in Europe.
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Delivery and service of all firefighting, breathing protection, gasdetection, protective clothing and lifesaving equipment for inland and sea shipping and offshore.
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Issuing of CargoCard for logistics and transport, the PortKey for security and the Digital Safety Passport for safety. Keeping up the Deltalinqs Training Register. Unique identification by use of biometrics. Supplier of software and hardware for access control. Subsidiary of Deltalinqs.
Logo Secure Logistics B.V.
Dynamic Load Testing, Bollard Pull, Loadcell, Rope Spooling, Hoisting and Lifting Equipment, Steel Wire Ropes, Fall Arrest, Chains, Rental. Three offices, support office in Rotterdam.
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Sterk supplies, installs and maintains cost reducing and comfort increasing solutions like central lubrication and container locks for transport, earthmoving and industry.
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Marintech Ship Repair B.V. is a company that offers ship repair in the broadest sense. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or contact us. "Shiprepair at high level"
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Hobrand Algebra Rotterdam is a brand independent Safety Supplier located in the centre of the Port of Rotterdam. Our main focus is creating a safer working environment for the Maritime & Offshore Industry by supplying Fire, Rescue and Safety equipment
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Supplier of company safety clothes, safety shoes and boots. Personal protection means.
Experts in safety and environment. Risk-control, incident management, safety and environmental studies, projectmanagement and consultancy.
Locksmiths, duplicating of keys, repairing of locks and safes, Masterkeying. Also ships suppliers.
Ajax Chubb Varel Marine & Offshore Department delivers detection systems, gas, foam, waterbased fire extinguishing systems, handheld fire extinguishing equipment, safety equipment, training & consultancy, 24/7 service, maintenance, inspection and certification.
New building, custom building, annual and 5 yearly inspection, repair, overhaul and load testing of hyperbaric lifeboats, partially/totally enclosed lifeboats, RIB's and special crafts.
Ship chandlers, import/export, spare parts.
For all non food shipping and industrial equipment. Specialised in heating systems with automatic burners and power transmission: chain sprockets, v-belts, v-belt pulleys, couplings, timing belts, bearings and seals.
Environmental emergency services and salvage. Service on a 24 hours and 7 days a week basis.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service is the world's leading service provider to the international merchant fleet by providing technical services and ships agencies, delivering marine products and maritime logistics.
Since 1953 specialist in maintenance and cleaning products, safety and fire-fighting equipment and services, gases and welding equipment for the marine industry.
The leading Dutch company for all lifting gear and fall-arrest equipment. Highly qualified personnel for maintenance, inspection and certification of cranes, chain hoists, wire ropes etc.
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